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Natural Beauty


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See the world while making a new friend

Traveling is an exciting time to learn another language, marvel at the natural beauty, and immerse yourself in another culture. I love the excitement of travel. It starts when you pick the next destination and buy a plane ticket. Talking to friends that have been there, or researching the informaiton on the web brings the excitement to a higher level.

GORP Travel Expert Rob Sangster states in an article titled, The Most Powerful Reasons to Travel, "One of travel's greatest rewards is that of giving us new perspective. Freed from the cocoon of home, a traveler learns how people live in the rest of the world, what they care about. After you've been to Beijing, television coverage of helmeted soldiers beating students to the pavement in Tienanmen Square affects you in ways that people who haven't been there simply cannot appreciate."

After the travel has begun, life is simple on the road. I find this strangely comforting. Everything I own and need, I carry with me in my pack. If I do need something, purhcasing it in a new country can be fun by reading the labels, or playing sherades with the store clerk.

Cultures other than my own are fascinating; it’s almost like a charm. There’s so many things to see and experience and so many different people to meet out there, I don’t see how I could spend my whole life back home. It's been said that the children that have been pulled out of school for a year to travel the world, return more advanced than their peers.