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Europe remains a vibrant center of cultural energy and its cities are full of examples of some of the latest architecture, music and art. Traveling around Western Europe is now easier than it ever was, thanks to the ever-expanding European Union, but it stills makes Europe exciting.

Spain, for example, has seen huge regeneration in recent years and although it was once trapped under Franco's rule, it has moved into the 21st Century as an exciting and diverse country. From the rolling hills to the bustling streets of Madrid, the country is an example of most European cities, where the picturesque can meld seamlessly with the vibrant atmosphere of a town or city.

Germany can offer almost everything a traveler could want and while it is perhaps one of the more expensive parts of the world, there are many areas where travelers can find bargains and spend a comfortable holiday without having to break the bank.

There is a rich history of cultural divides between the nations that travelers can explore, from the English-French battles, through the Franco-Prussian wars, right up to the first and Second World Wars of the 20th century. Such conflicts may have ended but they have left behind many cultural imprints on the areas and as such traveling between countries can highlight the fact that each country is proud of its heritage and holds distinct values that can be seen in its people and institutions.