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Africa's natural beauty especially, Tanzania’s varied geography, diverse cultures and famed wildlife reserves will take your breath away. The vast plains of the Serengeti with its abundance of plain game and predator populations as well as experiencing the natural spectacle of the Ngorongoro Crater Reserve. Tanzania also has some of the most diverse cultures presenting you with opportunities to interact with a variety of people from the famed Masai tribes to the large Muslim population of Zanzibar. With out a doubt you will be amazed by Tanzania’s varied landscape from the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, to the Serengeti, and along the Usambra mountain ranges to the picture perfect coastline of Zanzibar.

East Africa however is a real treat. Ethiopia with its ancient Christan civilization and spectacular mountain scenery and Kenya and Tanzania with their great game wildlife parks are a must for travellers.

The south is getting more popular since it has become Politically Correct to visit South Africa. This marvellous country definitely deserves a visit and travel there is easy as numerous airlines offer flights on a regular basis. A trip there can be combined with Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia which are equally fascinating destinations.