Alda - Breeding Stock Dog for Guide Dogs for the Blind

mug shot of Alda, a female yellow lab
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Alda, a yellow lab, and 9 black puppies attempting to get to her milk
Alda and 9 puppies

Alda, a yellow labrador retriever, is a Breeding Stock Dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She had her first litter of 9 puppies in 2003 when she was two years old. Six of those pups are active Guide Dogs. Her second litter, born in 2004, is currently being recalled from the Puppy Raisers, and will begin their formal training. Her third litter, born Jan 2006, remain in the Puppy Raiser's home until they are about 14 months old.




Guide Dogs for the Blind's breeding program, established in the late 1940s, ensures the school's consistent production of dogs with the traits and qualities necessary to become working guides. In addition, the Breeding Department staff provides support to volunteer custodians, guaranteeing that each breeder dog receives top-quality care and is an enjoyable family companion.

Alda at 8 weeks pregnant, standing.
Alda at 8 weeks pregnant

  Alda is snuggled close and sleeping with four puppies
Sleeping with four puppies

Retired: Alda was retired from the Breeding program on Dec 4, 2006. She was spayed and is now enjoying the life of golfing, travels to Europe, and visiting her 29 children. Alda is soon to be a grandmother. Nell is pregnant.


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