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Ultrasound appointment FAQs

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008


Bring her to the vet clinic with a full bladder. They will ask questions about her behavior, physical condition, and then you take her to the small office with the ultrasound. With your help (or not) Alda will be flipped belly up in a big blue foam wedge. Pet her head and talk softly, to steady her after the flip. They will raise the table, squirt goo on her belly (the coolness will startle Alda), and stick the probe on the goo. The image shows on the monitor screen. They will attempt to count the pups, and also look at other organs. They can give you a print out of a pup if you want. After the ultrasound, they will ask for the Pregnancy Care papers. They will fill in the food chart, increasing her food about 1 cup a week for the next 3 weeks. She will also change to SD Puppy food.

Ultrasound during 5th week or pregnancy

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

During Alda’s first pregnancy, she had approximately 8 puppies inside her. This is a guess and things can change as she got closer to her due date. The puppies are about an inch long. This was Alda’s 5th week of pregnancy.  Here is an image of the ultrasound.


As it was explained to me, the round dark blobs are the puppies in their individual sacks and the white fuzzy splotch in the dark blob is the puppy.

While there we could see one of the puppy’s heart beating. It was moving fast, creating a really fuzzy spot in the center of the fuzzy splotch. Doc said a typical puppy heart beat is 180 beats per minute. Alda’s heart beat is 88 beats per minute, I just checked.