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Nadina - Tatoo 4F13 - LSF (left shoulder female)

27 Oct 2005 - I wanted to let you know that Nadina has been career changed for a paritally torn ACL. She has been limping off and on and finally we sent her down to Guide Dogs and they figured out what was going on. She will have surgery in early November and then Guide Dogs will place her as a pet when she has recovered. Give Alda a hug for me, Nadina was an awesome puppy!

9 Sep 2005 - Nadina is battling pano again but has really matured and is starting to really look like a great candidate to be a Guide. She is now up to a whopping 48.5 pounds. She is so tiny! I am waiting anxiously for her to come into season and get it over with. Did they end up skipping Alda's season? It seems like she makes nice puppies!

18 Aug 2005 - Mary writes, "Here is the littermate picture from Fun Day in Oregon. We were only missing 1 pup. All of the males are big but Nell and Nadina are more petite. Nadina is definately the smallest but I am hoping she will grow more now that she is over her infections. All the pups were pretty mellow and sniffed at each other for a bit and then laid down together. Nadina continues to be very mellow and not distracted by anything. She is a great pup! We just went to a Mariner's game yesterday and she was awesome. I will e-mail a couple of the other raisers about your web site, they were very excited about it."

19 Aug 2005 - Mary writes, "Here is the picture of Nadina and Gaffney. Nadina is 8 1/2 months old. You can see she is quite a bit bigger than the first picture! Nadina weighs 46 pounds now."


Mary writes on Thu, 28 Apr 2005 - Here are 2 pictures of Nadina. Both were taken when she was 2 months and 3 weeks old. She has the cutest face. I still can't believe how tiny she is. At 3 1/2 months old she can still walk underneath Gaffney's belly. I usually take older dogs that have behavioral problems so Nadina has been quite a nice change.

My name is Mary and Nadina is my 7th puppy to raise for Guide Dogs. Nadina is very special to me because I raised Solar who is Skipper's brother. I was very excited to see your web site and get to see where Nadina got her cute little head to go on this stocky body. Nadina is very low energy but does love her play time. She is also very smart and responsive to corrections. I wasn't supposed to get Nadina but the older transfer dog I was going to get was Career changed the day I was supposed to get him and so I got Nadina instead. My husband, Mike, and I live in Southeastern Washington. We have 2 horses and a Career changed German Shepherd named Gaffney. Nadina was just featured in a big article in our local paper, she was so cute when she was little, now she looks like a mini adult Lab. We also have Nally, Navy and Network in Washington State but I won't see them until fall because they are on the other side of the state. Hopefully everybody will come to Fun Day so we can get a littermate picture. Give Alda a big kiss from Nadina.


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