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Newmar - Tatoo 4F09 - RHM


17 Oct 2005 - The Puppy Raiser writes, "I just wanted to update you on Newmar. Unfortunately Newmar was career changed a couple of weeks ago. I decided to keep him because he is such a sweet boy. He was dropped because he hates to work! I got him as a transfer at 7 months, we aren't quite sure about how he was treated with his first raiser so we just tried to show him lots of love and give him endless encouragement. He was always timid in public from the time I got him so we put him on food protocol which worked for awhile. But one day I took him to school, I'm a pre-vet student at OSU, and he went ballistic. He was very scared and it made me so sad to see him that way. I contacted Guide Dogs right away and they career changed him the next day.

Newmar is adjusting to his new life as a pet very well. He spends most of his time playing with my other career change dog, Clea. He loves to go hiking and swimming. Newmar also thinks he is a small dog and is always climbing into my lap on the couch. We are hoping to start agility with him in the next month or so. He is very eager to do anything that is fun and involves treats. I will send you some pictures soon. I think Newmar looks just like his dad. He is very handsome but still a little lanky."


Newmar arrived on Feb. 2005, to be raised by Rolf.
They are members of the Marion County Mighty Eyes in Salem, Oregon.



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